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Friday, February 23, 2007

Black Floral Corak & Le Papillon

* Le Papillon *

* Black Floral *

* * * * *


  1. how you cut the butterfly? all so equally one? or you use the butterfly puncher? where can i get it?
    how you make the rose?

  2. ya i want t know also same as above questions?
    and what type of glue you use to paste? how do you paste it? and where do we get resin clay?>

  3. here is not your information center and i am not your teacher not your mother I'm just post what i like coz this is just a blog, and it is my blog. and i don have to answer you and i think you should at least say please and thank you. if you folks no teach you your school no teach you here i am teaching you.

    and how do i paste it? thie question is too brilliant i don noe how to answer so sorry for my lack of knowledge and understanding.

  4. Tako,
    huh? =_=|||
    well.. if my questions are that rude, offending or troubling you, then sorry and kindly please ignore it.
    I was just attracted of you nice art works and curious to know more. That's all.
    Anyway, another lesson learned today! Right to be wrong~

    I saw somewhere about paper quilling.
    Probably you visit
    Choose illustration and you'll find a lot of amazing paper quilling.
    How to paste? I used white glue which in yellow bottle. You can get it from book shops (abt RM4.20). resin clay, i saw it at book shops too.
    Hope this helps you.


Thank you very much for your words :)