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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Evangelione @ The PlayGround Events - The Creative Bazaar

没 错 没 错! 又 有 好 玩 的 活 动 了!! 来 玩 来 玩 来 玩~~~

时 间 地 点 看 上 面><

我 会 去><

美 薇 也 会 去><

我 会 卖 东 西><

也 有 可 能 现 场 露 两 手 啦><

我 会 在 那 里15/16 日, 10 点 到4 点

i'll be there on 15/16 from 10 am to 4 pm

下 面 这 个 是 他 们 的 简 介

Company Profile and Creative Bazaar Overview

The Playground endows with event marketing and management services as well as helping brands

creating a unique connection with consumers at events.

We manage a wide variety of events such as sports, music programs, campus projects, street teams,

sampling programs and corporate events.

The PlayGround specialty is that we are full fledging youth marketing agency. We know where you

should go, we will show you the best way. Hence join us at The PlayGround, where your brands meets

youths via sports, music, fashions, and anything that excites youths of today. By youths for youths!

We would like to introduce The PlayGround Creative Bazaar to your company in order to be involved in

product sampling and product launching. What's more is that The PlayGround Creative Bazaar is an

exciting new project that put forward to be new hot topic in town. It is fun and leisure space for many

young adults to platform their talents and creativity. The Playground primarily consists of four parts

which is Creative Market, Pulse, What’s New and With Love.

• Creative Market

‐ Sets an opportunity for all to sell exchange and buy any product which is not to be found

in the mass market.

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