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Friday, January 18, 2008

冰淇淋来两球! ice cream earings

DSCN5873 copy.jpg

树脂粘土制作的 ice cream 耳环。

i use resin clay to do this

DSCN5875 copy.jpg

DSCN5880 copy.jpg

DSCN5881 copy.jpg DSCN5882 copy.jpg DSCN5884 copy.jpg DSCN5885 copy.jpg

然后顺便制作了一些巧克力和饼之类的小东西, 可以用在cream上

then i use some of the left over clay to do the chocolates and waffles and so on, plan to use them on the cream thing.

然后这个是作玩玩的, 因为看到新闻报道说台湾有一个女生用lego等之类的玩具制作饰品, 觉得很有创意也很有趣, 刚好朋友yuki拿来了lego玩具。 所以就硬跟她拗了一些过来。

this is something for fun. lego man with the lego block head XD

DSCN5878 copy.jpg


  1. how much is this?!?!

    very cute work~~~ ^___^
    i like it~~~

  2. hi qin pei^^

    u mean the ice cream earings?
    that one is RM25 for a pair ~

  3. may i know where can we buy resin clay and acrylic? thanks alot ya (:

  4. hi,

    Please refer here:


Thank you very much for your words :)