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Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Proposal

first of all, everyone prepare to say " Aww....... how sweet........ how lovely......"

ok, i've been making gifts for people for their love one's birthday, annivesry, friendship, wedding and so on. But this one, gave me some kind of pressure coz this ring, the guy, the Mr. noname(he don want his name to be mention coz he is shy XD) who order this ring, are prepare to propose to his girlfriend! how sweet!

This ring done before christmas, he want to give his girlfriend a surprise so i keep the secret till now XD

and today, just few minutes ago, he msn me: evan, i propose already :P she very happy and like the ring so much .

and the answer from his girlfriend is a yes!

Ah.... how lovely ^_^ anyway, congratulations Mr. and Mrs noname ^_^

So this is the ring.

这个委托, 在接到的时候, 我是很兴奋的, 委托人是认识的人, 而且是人人羡慕的一对^^

这个男生在11月的时候就开始向我提起他要做一个戒指, 他是要用来求婚用的。 ><

然后在圣诞节前就寄了给他。 刚刚, MSN 上他告诉我说他求婚了。 而且对方也答应了^_^ 哦~~ 好好哦~~ XD

因为他想要给他的女友一个惊喜, 所以我要等到他求婚后才放上来^^ 下面这个就是了哟~

the girl love lily very much, so i made a lily.

那个女生很喜欢白合, 所以我做了白合。

and below is the ring box, also handmade. i was in a rush to post office to send this out so the pictures are a bit lousy and blur, sorry ya XP

下面这个是戒指盒, 也是DIY的哦。 因为赶着去邮局寄出去, 所以照片的素质不好。。。不好意思XD


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