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Thursday, January 17, 2008

最近的委托制作娃娃 & Room box 等等 | Some recent custom made

DSCN5599 copy.jpg

这个猪猪的耳朵丫, 是弟弟的朋友定制给她刚出世不久的小宝宝哦, 宝宝是属猪的^^

this pair of piggy ear is a custom made order from my brother's fren's son. A very cute baby boy ^^

DSCN5397 copy.jpg

这个呢, 是网友定制给朋友的小宝宝的, 她很爱这个小宝宝, 还叫他小王子哦, 这个宝宝有着很迷人很迷人的笑容呃, 她寄了小王子的照片给我, 然后做个跟小王子样子有点象的小宝宝。^^

this is a custom made order from a net friend. she very adore the baby and even call him litle prince. little prince always wear the sweet and cute smily face and i think he is very cute too^^


his father is a fan of liverpool so...

DSCN4748 copy.jpg DSCN4746 copy.jpg

这个也是网友定制的, 是送给将结婚的朋友的礼物。 也是照着他们的样子制作的。

Another pair of wedding doll^^ doll are made according to the real person's characteristics

DSCN4744 copy.jpg

the back.


DSCN4736 copy.jpg

A big bow at the back^^


DSCN4816 copy.jpg

the groom


DSCN4814 copy.jpg DSCN4812 copy.jpg

本来是没有花的,但是网友说颜色好象太白了一点, 所以花了些花的图样给我, 然后我照着做


the original bride was too pale the colour, so yuri suggest to have some flower deco on the bride's head and some wordings at the foots ^^

DSCN5755 copy.jpg DSCN5757 copy.jpg

这个是swindy (老顾客了哦^^)定制的。 是要送给她的朋友的生日礼物, 但是是过了很久的哦XD

this is a custom made room box from swindy, to her friend pei shan as a 'belated birthday present' XD

DSCN5762 copy.jpg

这个的概念是好朋友正在准备蛋糕给快生日的朋友, 蛋糕上还有两颗草莓要装饰的。 然后黑板上写这朋友的生日日期提醒自己不要忘了哦。

this room box is about a gal decorating her home bake cake.


these pics are kind of lousy and blur, coz i was in a hurry to send out these goods and these pics are taken right before they are ready pack to go. sorry bout it

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