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Monday, March 31, 2008

Isabelle's first birthday!

I got an email from Renelle, who are going to throw a birthday party for her baby girl Isabelle, celebrating her first birthday. Renelle is a crafty girl too, and she's like me, likes to DIY everything possible^^. She told me that the birthday party will have some cupcakes, red checkered table cloth, and big red+white checkred ribbons and so on. And during the party, she will gift every guest a bag of candies and chocolates as a doorgift, so she needs some candy bags, and i am very glad that i got the chance to make them^^

She wants something simple and cute, girly and pastel color, and cupcake pattern~
so these are the bags i made^^
DSCN6700 copy.jpg
DSCN6702 copy.jpg
Renelle likes the ribbons very much^^
DSCN6698 copy.jpg
Among the samples i showed Renelle include this cherry on top cupcake pattern bag, she wants some of them too coz her sister likes cherry very much ^_^
DSCN6699 copy.jpg
Last but not least, big red bow on top XD
Happy Birthday Isabelle!
I found an useful tutorial teach you to make your own cupcakes stand during the research, and i think maybe some of you might need it, a very easy to do cupcake stand like this
this is just a basic cupcake stand, you can decorate it with flowers or ribbons to make it look more fancy^^
the tutorial link here: CakeJournal
this tutorial wrote by Louise, a very generous kind lady, you can learn cute and yummy cupcakes from her blog^^


  1. thats a allsome bag u have there~~ lovely.

    Thats a good thing about craft ppl, can sendiri DIY things they like

  2. gosh~ the bags remind me sumthg quite trouble >"<

    tako, my bro goin to have a wedding ceremony, me n my mum tot to buy little gift for the guests, but we now stuck at wad to give them, do u hv any idea?

    Juz simply think a lil toy-bear is too simple >< arrghh,,, takoo0ooo~~ help me >-<

    btw, i m stagerring at budget too =-=

  3. last but not least,
    The CuPCaKe on the bag reli in nice look ><

    May i attend Isabelle bdae party? XD

  4. oh finally, a new post !! haha i've been waiting for a long time.... i actually think the little bags u made look so much more prettier than the one from the internet !!!!

  5. ciyou,
    thx ^^

    >< do u hav msn? we talk talk lar XD and Isabelle birthday was on 22nd march XD

    XD thx!!

  6. i like ur bag more than the bad inside the pic u found from net. Bravo!!


Thank you very much for your words :)