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Friday, May 30, 2008

Wa~hahaha~ Something about sewing

70bff581.gifWahahaha~ Wahahaha~~Wahahaha~

Today i learned something new from Kiiss about the stitches names.

So this is called the Blanket stitch

picture from: ushists
i've been doing sewing for quite some times but never gets to know the name of these stitches.
so thanks Kiiss !4a46b55dc06cd3919fc1d.gif
Kiiss showed me this link: Needle 'n Thread
this site influenced me a lot and all of sudden i'm eager to discover for more about these names and techniques ><
therefore, guess what..i'm browsing and searching for the informations like crazy ><
i typed blanket stitch in google and click da search button, this is what i got: google search result
thanks google~ baa60776.gif internet are WONDERFUL! you can learn many things over the net. thanks Mr. Gates~~ XD
Some of my friends are learning sewing and didn't know where to start, so i guess it's a must to post this up and share with all my crafty friends.
besides these, i also found this cool web: Vintagesewing
i LOVE vintage thing.


  1. erm....Bill Gates is not the founder of the internet, he's the father of Windows only. I think some Russian came out with the earliest internet thingy.

  2. Evan, thanks for kissing me...*blush*

    Eh, I already move all my arts and crafts updates to my main blog :

    Too lazy to maintain so many blog.

    Thanks ya!

  3. anonymous,

    oh, thanks for the explanations. But i was thanking Mr. Gates for the Microsoft-windowlive-MSN XD.
    to my knowledge "internet" at the very begining are just a tool people use it to transfer informations in a company thru computers link to a very big machine kind of thing, so that's why they called it 'internet' and if i'm not mistaken, it was in US. then various of experts and scientists from different fields (and maybe different country) develeped and and pushing "internet" to became the "internet" we know nowadays. so maybe Russian got involved too~

    haha XD
    okie i will make some changes, thx ya^^

  4. If i m not mistaken, i learned that during my Kemahiran Hidup class, we call that Jahitan Kia, i guess... :p

    Too long ago, i can't remember...


Thank you very much for your words :)