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Friday, June 13, 2008

Buttons up!

i'm very in the jewelry mood lately.
i am fond of these buttons the very first sight.
althought they are just normal sew-through buttons but they are like diamonds to me.
this idea just pop out at the middle of the night and i just can't wait to see the result so i spent my whole night for these.
and it was fun!
DSCN8284 copy.jpg DSCN8286 copy.jpg

DSCN8287 copy.jpg
a little lego +retro kind of color

DSCN8277 copy.jpg DSCN8282 copy.jpg
the bow are not suppose to be at the middle. not everything suppose to be in a certain way.

DSCN8279 copy.jpg

DSCN8291 copy.jpg DSCN8290 copy.jpg

DSCN8293 copy.jpg

DSCN8294 copy.jpg

DSCN8295 copy.jpg DSCN8296 copy.jpg
colors colors colors

DSCN8299 copy.jpg
these necklace will be available at zoolzoo

DSCN8300 copy.jpg DSCN8301 copy.jpg
last but not least, a kewpie as a pendant.
besides kewpie. i am going to make some resin clay chocolate for these necklace, should be cute.

DSCN8309 copy.jpg DSCN8308 copy.jpg
these necklaces are very easy task, just that u need time and patience to go thru the ring-button-ring-button attaching process. and u just need some buttons, buttons, and jump ring.

DSCN8275 copy.jpg
just string them together like this.


  1. SOoOOoOOO cute! ^___^ I love the first one, primary colours, haha!

    And you have so many buttons! 8D Just looking at them makes me giddy.

    I've never heard of zoolzoo before, is it Malaysian? =o And, one more question; where'd you buy the jumprings? ^^;

  2. Yeah~~ Girraff shown again! like the pic of tht "bowl" of buttonz >~< ( suppose to b tht big cup of buttonz XD )

  3. This is too cool^ ^

    Your colour arrangement, concept and the matching of accesories is just cool!

    ......SO ENVY HAHAZ XD......

  4. Very inspiring! I just bought a pack of 500 jumprings and didn't know what to do with them. Now I'm gonna raid Mom's sewing kit for buttons :P I like assymetrical necklaces too!

  5. aneesah^^

    hihi, ya zoolzoo is a local online shop and they very supportive towards asians indie crafters especially locals! you may contact them by sending them a emails which you can get the email address at their site, i bought these jump rings from singapore but you may get it at some local crafts store^^ try petaling street's i remember last time i been to few shops and they sell materials for beading^^ and recently a fren of mine intro me this plaza GM, i havent been there but my fren said u can get these kind of materials there, u maybe you should try ^^ , this is the plaza page:

    XD haha you like giraffe a lot

    thx^^ ur works cool too, i envy you too XD

    XD wa~ can't wait to see it ^^

  6. 佩服你的耐性。

  7. i love your creativity !!

  8. that you also can think of? *Respect*
    Very nice indeed_

  9. i like the buttonsssssss...
    how much is it?
    still got stock?

  10. maye,
    yes! >< still have stock!
    RM28 each! ><


Thank you very much for your words :)