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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Short roses necklace & kewpie cellphone charm

roses and suede straps are bought from material store, all i have to do is just to attach all the things together ^^ so it's kind of easy task for me XD
DSCN8122 copy.jpg
Purple suede strap with purple and white resin clay roses.

DSCN8124 copy.jpg
white color suede strap and torquise and white roses

these are short necklace, when wore will be look like this .
and i think it's very suitable to wear for weddings.

i have extra resin roses so i make a matching ring to match the white necklace. just glue it onto the ring bowl.

DSCN8118 copy.jpg
this is something for fun, i put everthing the same color tone in a bunch. gun and rose and naked kewpie! XD


  1. wah, tako look so nice with tht necklace XD i tot tht one is sumthg like bracelet >~<

  2. I especially like the purple choker! So feminine!

  3. 那个kewpie和枪自己做的?XD

  4. tracy,

    ohoh , so this is choker XD

    不是啦, 那个是买的^^

  5. that rose u did it urself?? if i want smth like this but is a ring.. how much will it cost??

  6. swing18,

    oh no, that one is ready made rose, i bought it from craftstore, if you want a ring like this is RM8

  7. i want 5 different colors 1... when can i get it??

  8. swing48,

    what colours? er, the soonest i can do has to be after june, is it ok?

  9. oppss.. bcoz i need it as soon as possible if can...

    what colors do u hv?


Thank you very much for your words :)