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Friday, September 19, 2008

Listen to the radio

I want to place some retro vintage appliances like radio,tv and so on in that big house.
I made my first attempt to the radio,and the methods of making are similiar to my miniature suitcase, just the deco are a bit different.
*these pictures above are some of m findings from the internet.

我想要在那栋大房子内放置一些复古的电器, 像是收音机啦,电视啦等等的。
我先尝试作了收音机, 上面这些是部分在网上找到的收音机款式。


these are the miniatre radio. looks a bit like toaster -.-

这些是一些试验作的, 有点像烤面包机hor....

我比较喜欢这个黄色的, 加点工还可以作成学生巴士。
i personally like this yellow little one.

you must have notice the colour are shiny and metalic, looks like a real iron thingy.
外面那层颜色我是用压克力, 但是这次我用了下面这罐东西, 所以看齐来很亮很像漆皮的东西。

this time i am using this thing call : Acrylic transparent gloss medium to mix and blend with the acrylic colours instead of just using water. you may also apply another layer of this liquid after the colouring are dried for more glossy-ness.
这个东西叫作acrylic transparent gloss medium,在普通的美术用品店买得到, 通常会和压克力颜料放在一起的。 可以用来调稀颜料用, 或者在颜料干后再涂上一层, 可以增加亮度和光滑度。

mini radio as a pendant sounds not bad.

this one to be in da big house.


Thank you very much for your words :)