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Friday, September 19, 2008

Some shopping for this month

Was planning to buy some fabrics yesterday, but nothing inspire me so didn't buy much. But they are having clearance sales everywhere, wool 50 cents per ball, 50% discount for some vintage printed fabric and some other really cool items. it's a good timing for some stocking of materials.

from left to right...
Buttons, these are from local store, JBF enterprise located at Tmn Ungku Tun Aminah(Johor);
spoons and forks for kid's bento from Daiso Singapore, small, cute, and good quality, will make some creams and desserts deco on it; printed fabric from Golden Dragon Singapore (they are having some discounts for these fabrics, worth to check it out)
printed fabric from Golden Dragon Singapore, for my suitcase makeover; wooden elephant pendant, from a beads shop opposite Golden Dragon; feathers from Art friend Singapore

Dolls from Golden Dragon, clearance sales, 70 cents for the panda and bear, 5 dollars for the mannequin, damn worth it, must grab item.

not much hor..... after all these i still left some dollars so i end up buying book at kinokuniya.


  1. i like the teddy bear.
    can i have one? :)

  2. O__o so good. The bear look abit like "sylvanian families" toy. But "sylvanian families" is expensive.

    btw, i saw nobita at the back there..

  3. so good that can shop in singapore.. ^_^

  4. JBF enterprise johor jaya 也有!

  5. mclelun,

    ya, but they aren't mine >_<





Thank you very much for your words :)