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Friday, December 26, 2008

Pipit 2nd Anniversary & art for grabs christmas

本来我和Ireen各自租了两个摊子, 后来我们决定一起摆, 因为我们搭巴士,  所以不能带桌子, 唯有想一些可以轻便些的做法, 于是我们决定用墙壁。

这次有我, Ireen, 还有我弟Kaoru 和朋友 Pepsi, 大家一起去摆摊子~~

it's my first time to join the art for grabs event, been longing to join this event coz i love the atmosphere there, thankfully this time we can take part.

Well as we are from far away land johor, so we can't bring something huge like table or cabinet or rack. so we decided to use the wall, stick and hang everything up to the wall.
easy for people to browse as well ^__^

everything is done on the spot.

最开心的是那个圣诞灯饰, 气氛慢慢来了 XD
my favourite christmas deco, the chasing light.

竟然卖得出! XD
note book by my bro kaoru and fren pepsi

第一天因为还要去Pipit 2nd anniversary, 所以在art for grabs 布置好安排好后就去zouk 了。
after everything set and done we straigh  head to zouk to attend Pipit's 2nd anniversary.

Pipit 2nd annivesary  


Urban creatures

thanks Pipit Mike & Ivery for the invite and helps^^
Happy Birthday to Pipit and fly high pipit!

Pipit 那里结束后, 我们再head back to art for grab.
head back to annexe again and closing time is near.

第二天的art for grab我们的摊子比较多东西, 因为从Meerly (thanks meerly!)拿回一些上次啊art for grab 卖剩的东西, 还有昨天pipit 那里剩的东西, 再拼拼凑凑上去, 整面墙more complete 了。

we have more stuffs on the wall the second day, now the wall seems more complete and exciting.

我们都很喜欢她, 还有她的画作
we love you Dura!
you rocks!

我们的墙上除了要卖的东西, 还有这些工具。
因为间中一直会需要用到这些东西, 又不知道大家放哪里了, 一直找一直找找到有点pek cek了, 所以索性就粘在墙上谁要用在墙上拔下来就可以了。
we have our tools and stationary on the wall as well, coz we keep on searching them everwhere, so this is the best solution, just pluck anything u need. 


谢谢pat, 让我们住让我们为所欲为还载上载下。真的很谢谢你。
谢谢Giselle, 帮我们载行李, 真的很感谢你。
谢谢所有来的朋友, 谢谢来打招呼的摊友
谢谢亲切的Joan的礼物~ ^__^我们也很喜欢你哟。
谢谢panda san , 谢谢你的包子, 很好吃哟。
thanks everyone for everything.


  1. hahaha...
    you are welcome ne...
    the 包子 not bad ma... kekeke
    next time we meet up, i try to bring u sumthing interesting... (*i gonna prepare a 魚竿把你釣過來 XD)
    actually all ya stuff so nice... but end of month liao... not much money so not willing to buy lo... Haiz~~
    my bunny >< u didnt keep for me... I'm so sad T-T
    i'll send u the photo to u soon... kekeke
    keep checking ya mailbox wo... hohoho
    Merry X'mas ya^^

  2. thanks dear for coming to kl..ya..paperdoll boutique interested to get ur doll doll..i gave her ur email..i guess she will mail u..and then hor,dura dura blog got ur bro,persi and yellow pics ler...go n check it out....ya..can i have ur bro email and persi email..thanks alot..

  3. the dura dura blog

  4. Jammy XD

    yaya , the bun taste good even it gets cold ^__^
    thnk you neh XD

    i forgot i got a surprise for u that day haiya~~ >__< and so sorry ya i forgot about the bunny too >< bite me lar~~i'm so forgetful.

    thanks pat, i got the mail d ^__^
    thank you thank you thank you.
    i'll email u my bro's email ^^

  5. You really forgot about me... ~~~~>_<~~~~
    I wan the bunny... I wan ahh T-T
    (*still so sad><)

    P.S.: Joking la...
    Happy MOO... year to u XD

  6. nice to meet u that day.
    and happy new year.

  7. Nice handicraft, I like your suitcase necklace, do drop by my blog and leave a message when you are free, happy 2009 :)

  8. hey, i visited your bazaar shop and i found your things really great..there is sumthing i would like to ask..if i use water color plus acrylic transparent gloss to add together to paint on wood or metal, will the color come off if i touch water?
    thanks and happy new year

  9. mclulu,

    nice to meet you too :)

    thank you and happy new year :)


    hi thanks for coming that day :)
    hmm, i never try this before, don't know the water colour can blend well with the gross or not, maybe you can try a small portion on a small part, i think if the water color can blend well with the gross, should be no problem to
    use on the wood, but not to metal, coz even acrylic on metal will come off easily if u scratch a little. hope this help, happy 2009:)

  10. Hey girl~ I was wondering where did you get allyour buttons from in JB? I'll be going to JB this weekend and was wondering is there any place you'll recomend me to go shop (cloth / buttons)

    Thanks for all your help!


  11. hi junjun,

    here's the shop address i went for buttons,
    JBF enterprise sdn. bhd,
    130, jln perwira 1, tmn ungku tun aminah,81300,JB
    tel: 07-5573322

    this shop lot are just beside the main road of tmn ungku tun aminah, very easy to find, and at the same row of shophouse there;s also another craft store name 天合,messy but loaded.

  12. may i know where can i find acrylic transparent gloss medium...i try to find in vision art..dun have o
    thanks ya

  13. 啊呀,我错过了,当时我在金马仑登山。



Thank you very much for your words :)