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Friday, February 27, 2009

Doll for Paperdoll Boutique

I am honored and very happy to make these dolls for the Paperdoll Boutique.
Dear Joanna send me some pictures of her lovely dress from her lovely store (so cute the store! always love girly stuffs!)
and then pick some dolls from last TIC doll, and then i get to dress the dolls up with Joann‘s lovely dress :) it's like playing dress up doll game XD  fun 

so here's the dolls:)

i couldn't find the same pattern fabric for some of the dresses, so i handpainted some of them, like this floral printed dress

oh i love this one the most, i get to make up her face with the smoky eye shadow

this one is actually a punk version of Alice
i can't make a pair of nice shoes yet, so this Alice have no shoes, but i will try to figure out the way and make her a pair asap :)

handpainted this one too.

do visit Joann's lovely store which located at Tropicana City Mall at Petaling Jaya or her online boutique here:


  1. U re sooo amazing!! Lovely dolls here. Ur customer sure will like it so much!! ^_^

  2. hey can i ask you know where can i get the wood board?actually i wanto do sum mini room for a friend...for birthday day present..but im not sure where can i get cheap wood board to build the mini wall...can u help me?


Thank you very much for your words :)