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Friday, February 27, 2009

Handpainted coin purse

上次还剩下零零碎碎的一些麻布, 一点点放在那里有点碍眼, 所以把它裁成小块小块, 迅速的做了几个小零钱包。

these purse are made from nice and fine japanese linen, all patterns are handpainted with Acrylic.

Made in Japan 的字样的布料是一些从日本进口的printed fabric 一些布头上印着的字样剪出来的, 没有别的意思就是想放些字样上去而已。 虽然不是真的made in Japan, 不过布料是from Japan的。因为字样就只有一个, 所以不能再制造一样的包包, so it's one and only.
线条是用压克力压在上面的。因为有印样式的麻布都蛮贵的, 所以索性自己画上自己想要的图案。

i seldom make duplicate pieces as some of the materials are rare and i don't want to :)



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