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Friday, June 26, 2009

Coming up events


  1. i think i saw u during urban escape.. i think u're going back that time.. when i get to catch up the selling booth, most of the booths were closing d.. i'm having my performance practice in KLPAC too, but at the 3rd floor.. after the practice i just got time to have a walk down there.. .but ur booth already close.. can't get to buy some of ur stuff.. =(... the coming event at Times Square right? i think i might not able to attend too... will meet u when got chance yea~ take care! all the best!

  2. hi swing,

    such a pity din meet you in person, i went to the 3rd floor too but it just a quick browsing, but i believe there's still plenty of opportunity we can meet^^ all the best to you too:)

  3. hey...may i ask where can i get the necklace material metal you get from? the quality is good...i cant find it in kl...if its ok to tel..hehe 

  4. samenduck,

    most of the necklace material metal i got it from golden dragon, check it out here:败家篇


Thank you very much for your words :)