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Sunday, July 12, 2009

A few announcements

hi everyone:)

1.I'm sorry for closing without any notice, now Evangelione's blog is back on and welcome back:)
i try to simplify my blog so everyone won't get dizzy while reading, now is simpler and load faster.

2. I am very happy to announce that Evangelione is now on etsy! yippie~ finally , thanks everyone's helps and encourage me to do so, i'm so happy to be on etsy^^
it's just few items in my shop at the moment now but, i will upload more slowly and i promise everything to be sell in my etsy shop are sincere and with heart:)

3. I will start a mandarin column fortnightly at Ulement :) from this coming tuesday if everything went smoothly, do drop by if you are interested:) i will write about some thoughs or anything related to crafts and myself:)

4. Sorry for all the none reply emails, please give me some time i will reply you asap:)


  1. COngrat on your achievements!!Gambatee ya...

  2. Great!!!Keep your good works on~

  3. thanks pat^__^ you too^^ all the best!

    thanks thanks^^

    XD thanks ya!you too

    thank you once again^__^

  4. Hey, you just sold your tired Audrey on Etsy!!! Congrats!! Load more items there!! You will sell alot :D

  5. yes Kelly^^

    i'm so happy! first sale on etsy ! XD thanks a lots!


Thank you very much for your words :)