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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kosmo! interview & thank you note:)

full article here: Kosmo!

The article was on 9th June paper 囧, sorry to bring this up at this odd timing (almost a month later =.=) , but i want to take this opportunity to say a few words (wa like winning some big deal award XD)

I want to thank Li Shian, for meeting me twice at two different markets and patienlty waiting for me to take photo and interview, really really thank you very much:) and not to forget the cute and funny camera men, very fun experience :)
and also not to forget junjun from beanipet, thank you for referring me to Li Shian:) thank you very much:)

Throughout the journey I met many people, kind and nice people. I make friends, they help me in many ways and care about me in many ways without letting me know.
Sometimes i even think that I am not good enough to deserve all these nice people.

From them I learn forgiveness. I always delay work i always forgot something, i am a hot-tempered person sometimes and they forgive me, from them i learn how to forgive and forget.

They help me a lot, from them I learn to give than take.

I know I am loved and I have these friends and my family, so whatever difficulty i met i always think of them, then nothing can be a problem anymore.I am blessed, thank you all:) I am a better person because of you:)


  1. Very touching. :)
    Gambatte, lets work hard together.

  2. TAKO!!!!!!!!! CONGRATZ!!!!
    great to know that we are all working hard together to make handmade in msia bigger!
    You too have inspired me in many ways so let's work hard together and XD smile more!

    loads of xoxo

  3. junjun!!!!

    XD thanks thanks thanks a million!

    XD XD XD

  4. wow...好大的照片哦!有沒有鑲起來?

  5. agnes,没有啦, 怪paiseh 的如果镶起来XD


Thank you very much for your words :)