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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paper are wearable

Paper are wearable:)

work hard, play harder

* lace pattern *

each are painted with layers of acrylic paint so it is ok to wear and waterproof:)

material: Europe matt board, paper, acrylic buttons, acrylic paint

all sold out at pipit wonderful market, thank you very much:)


  1. hey...i like this necklace so much!! we will wear it at nex pipit market. haha :p Thanks you so much!! 你很用心,paishe沒給你我的手作。(其實是不好意思給,因為你會的太多了,而我的東西很渺小,不好意思給。)哈哈

  2. 不用不用啦, just a token of showing how i appreciate you gals:)

    so see you next market lar^^

  3. so pretty!!! when will u come singapore again???

  4. hi^^ not sure yet, maybe in August^^ will put up notice if there's any update:) thank you very much!


Thank you very much for your words :)