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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Panda the prince charming

Little panda is playing on his own , with his wooden sword and his favorite cloak.
How Handsome!

"Ha! Ha! i am the king of the world!"
"Ha! Ha! i have no fear!"
"Ha! Ha! i am the most courageous of them all!"

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" waving his wooden little sword.

With his favorite cloak (blanket) and his sword (wooden), he is unbeatable!

The mistery wooden sword

And cookies keep him strong! Ha!

Ha! Ha! Ha!
He is practicing.

But he is all alone..

" one wants to play with me..."

Brother panda:"Don't cry, I'll play with you, come on, we play battle"
"HA ! ha! HA! ha!"
there they go, a battle has began.

Brother panda
He loves his little brother.

and mom's great helper


  1. gosh!! i want the one wif the prince cloak and the biscuits~~~

  2. I love your Prince Charming!He's very cute.I am pleased he's found someone to play with.
    How tall is he?

  3. Just baught it on your ETSY shop!
    can have a little message when you send it please? Can't wait to introduce him to his new friends!

  4. Hi Junk@Trash^^

    thank you XD but the biscuits are not for sell XD it's my own collection of re-ment toy, but you can get it at the Action City, but it's your own luck to get the biscuits coz they usually all put in a box which you can't see what's inside, lucky draw!

    Hi Patricia XD

    thank you thank you, i just left you a convo at etsy about the message^^ let me know again and it's nice to have you here^^


  5. They are both so cute together. I love it! :o)

  6. aww...the panda sold adi? ==
    naw...i dun1 da biscuits without the will be useless to me...TT
    me no eat tiny biscuits...cnt even sai ya feng...> <
    thanks anyway, I'll go snoop around action city^^

  7. I can't wait to welcome him home!
    do you mind just putting a little message on my blog when he is in the post please?
    One of my followers follows you too! This is how I discovered your blog.


  8. hey do you still sell the panda prince its so cute


Thank you very much for your words :)