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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The tables for pasar malam (miniature)

This coming Saturday & Sunday we (the dollhouse group of Malaysia) will be having our second exhibition again at central market the Annexe Gallery in the event " Art for grabs"
We will be showing the miniature scene "Pasar Malam"
"Pasar Malam" means "night market" in Malay, which are common and happens everyday here in Malaysia, the stalls will move place to place around different neighbourhoods on different days of the week, a "moving market" you might say.

This time each member of the dollhouse group will be displaying a miniature stall selling all kinds of things you can find in the market, as for me i choose to have a miniature tableware & groceries stall.

you can have a rough idea of what is the stall about here:
I took these pictures while I'm observing the market

I went to the market last week just to have a closer look at the stalls and figure out how am i going to do it, because i have no been to the pasar malam for so long that i can't remember how is it look like nowadays.

and here's the sneak preview of my tables

Well you may find this familiar, I've noticed many of the stall do this, to balance the tables.

Most of their tables are old and rustic.

The sponges
Made by real sponges and felt ( the green part)
just cut it out.

the wooden case are made by ice cream sticks

The coconuts fiber brush

Made by tinsel, just color it, as simple as that.

That's all for now and till then.


  1. 观察入微,好厉害!

    很期待看你其他的作品,如果周末我挤得出时间来,一定去CENTRAL MARKET捧场~:)

  2. central market as in CM is it?hehe..just wanna make sure..

  3. What time is it until? Might only be there after 6pm. Will you guys still be there?

  4. so nice..mine absolutely cant compare with ur~


Thank you very much for your words :)