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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Come and shout at me!

The Pipit 3rd anniversary is just around the corner, 7th November is the date and please keep that in mind ^^

For more details please read here and here

Come and support local craftists, designers and more.
This time Pipit also invited Mari Brand all the way from Tokyo to join us, a chance to meet her in person and to see and buy her handmade:)

And to celebrate Pipit's 3rd anniversary, I am going to do something fun...

Yes, come and shout at me.

I will prepare 10 mystery handmade goodies to giveaway to the first 10 person who come to my stall and shout : " I love local design, I love Pipit!" (since it is pipit's anniversary mah) and I really mean shout oh.

And i will video cam down your shouting moment.

Dare? come and shout at me! XD

* Help me to pass the message on too, thank you!


  1. i want to shout ! but can't go cus having exam T.T
    shout here can or not T.T

  2. really,remember,the early one is my~~kehkehkeh

  3. tako~i also got go with my fren and we have a stall thr too~hahaha~~can see u again~XD



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