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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Winter it's coming and it is cold outside, little girl want to have a stroll around the village and mummy ask the little girl to put on her coat and scarf to keep her warm.

"I wonder what's in the woods"

available at my etsy:)

I was listen to this while making this doll, it just set me on the christmassy mood

* I am thinking to revamp my blogshop for local shopper coz I don't think I want them to spent extra from my etsy, just though that those international transaction fee and so on are not fair to them, well I'll try, need sometime to do it.


  1. cute doll~
    i know the international transaction fee is expensive and unfair sometimes, but the people who love your handmade and have money will don't care about fee....

  2. look you up after read the news about pipit in the newspaper. great crafts you have here. lovely dools! i am just starting to venture into craft & stuff. i agree with your sentiment on the pricing, i on the other hand am working my way to set up a shop in etsy and having the same delima. i wish to have a sincere discussion with you on how do you consolidate pricing to make both local and international buyers happy?

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  4. feel warm looking at her, as it's raining and cold now~

  5. thanks chiariyees, las sandalias de ana, pammalu and samewish ^^


    Thanks for coming and nice to have you here^^
    I try to lower the price as much as I could coz I know my customer, they really appreciate handmade stuffs, people who intend to buy handmade appreciate handmade, they knows and understanding, so what I'm hoping is to let those who really love handmade stuffs can own one of their own and at the same time I am happy to do it and worth it. Therefor i found that the extra charges can be waive, to use the different payment method and so on, as for foreign customer I think they sure can understand that "export" thing need some extra charges, but not to put all the burden on them, this must really think carefully and make sure everyone is happy:)

  6. Your creation do bring lots of joy to me, I really appreciate your handmade, you are wonderful.

    Besides, the price on the Etsy, for me, is quite expensive, well anyway, it seems complicated for me to buy your handmade creatures in this way...

    I am lucky as I am not so far from you physically, thank God.

    What I wanna say is, "Handmade Stuff is priceless, we should treasure the spirit of the creator."

    Gambate TAko :)


Thank you very much for your words :)