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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lttle elf Red and Green

Two little elves are whispering gossips about Santa

Green: "Hey, do you think Santa gain weight again this year?

Red:" Yeah, I heard they are making a new suit for him again!"

Green:“ Oh that's not very good!"

Red:" Shh.... not too loud, Santa doesn't like the fact he is gaining weight, and he doesn't like us to talk about it, wait till he hear us we'll doomed!"

Well, Santa overheard it and they didn't get their present that year, Santa put them on the naughty list......囧 Santa is naughty too XD

Then another day....

Green: " Hey, do you believe in Santa?"

Red: " Of course! Who do you think you're working for? Don't be silly..."

Green:" Yeah I know, but it's Christmas, people bring this up every year, it's tradition...."

"Ohh it' s windy out here"

"look, my scarf are flying~"

" Cold cold weather.."

" haha.. my scarf are flying too"


  1. cute neh~~ and the scarf really can fly one ar? hahaaaaaaaaa

  2. i really like them... i wish to see your fat santa... hehehe

  3. 他们没有手~哇哈哈哈哈哈~但很可爱~我喜欢~

  4. Wow they warm up the winter :D

    I like them

  5. Hi.. Can I know how you make the scaft "fly" ?

  6. awww i SO love the colors, and they're so adorable! is there a Santa doll? :) you MUST come to singapore to exhibit one day alright, ill head down to get a doll from you, PROMISE! :)

    by the way, i have your blog on my inspiration list in my blog. keep updating alright!! :)

  7. OMG! How much are they? They are TOOO CUTE! =D

  8. simply lovely^^ it'll be my little model if i hav one and a lot lots of funny pictures!


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