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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is the rough idea of how am I going to set up my booth at this coming Pipit's Event,
as I'm always taking bus to KL, I can't bring table and so on, so I need to come out something easy to carry and easy to install.

I want to test how long it can last and how strong it can hold.

3 days had passed and it is still holding firmly.


The "shelves" are corrugated cardboard boxes, painted with mural color.
As you know the boxes are very light weight, so I can put as many dolls as I want on it, furthermore my dolls are also very light weight.

These tapes are my favorite tool,
hold firm and leave the wall flawless when removed. ( we are not allow to put nail on the wall, not even a pin hole)
This part will cover up by paper banner.

Only SGD2 at Daiso, good quality.

Total spend on display:

Tape: SGD 2 per roll
corrugated boxes: free ( collect from roadside by my aunt)
Paint: RM 5

× I had nightmare last night, we were late to the event, when we reach there is already passed 3pm, I felt all my hard work are in vain and feel like crying. Luckily it is just a nightmare. I hope we get there early.


  1. gran idea! sus muñecas mira las estrellas en el aire! buena suerte!!! ;)

  2. Great!~~ nice idea~
    btw, what time u all arrive KL ah? last time we discuss wanna go Multifilla? text me if u all wanna go..

  3. when u gals go multifilla? near my house leh.... they close early, 4.30pm, sunday not open

  4. thanks everyone! ;)

    I'll be at kl this friday nite, very late, till sunday noon i think, will text you if i can manage to go,

    wa then your house like very far leh


Thank you very much for your words :)