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Friday, December 25, 2009

Alice wearing Mary Jane

This is Alice, was going to make the "wonderland” Alice but turn out I prefer her look this way.

Simply love her blouse

Alice is taking a bow

I love the skirt

There are some scallops edge details on the skirt.

And here's Mary Jane.
I always love Mary Jane, and this is my first attempt to try to make a pair for my doll, not in perfect shape but will work on it.

I hope she is comfy with her new shoe

And something I found it quite cute on the linen I'm working on, the fonts are cute, I seldom see this kind of fonts on the linen descriptions.


  1. How did you do this???? She is so perfect!!!

  2. Thank you Chok Keun :)

    Dear Patricia,

    Thank you ^^ I go google for mary jane pattern image and draw on some hard paper, then use tool and hand to rub the paper into shape and then paste fabrics on it and stick everything together:)

  3. Aline in Wonderland is my all-time favourite bedtime story...I'm one of those people who don't want to grow up and still wear (modernised) mary janes everywhere.

  4. haha.. i like mary jane too.
    But it seems hard to get a pair of elegant to wear

  5. Tracy and achin,

    Same thoughts here, I love to wear tham, but I can't really find a great pair of "plain" mary jane here...


    ya it is for sale:) in my etsy shop.

  6. Try Clarks, they're comfy and durable too!

  7. Thanks Tracy ;)

    Happy Holidays to you too Tiffany :)

  8. i love it !!!she looks so cute....i wish i can make it.....;)


Thank you very much for your words :)