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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Her name is Alice.
Alice: "nice to meet you"
She is very polite.
Today is her first day to school, so she get dress very early in the morning, she just too excited about school.
Her mummy sew her name on her cloth to make sure everyone know her name:)

"I can't play with you anymore, I need to go to school now, bye bye!"

Little wizard

Little wizard love dancing!
round and round and round and round......

and what a cute tutu she is wearing!


  1. hi.. evangelione,this is my first time to see ur blog, I was googling, loking for lolita`s hat and found other blog that wrote bout name is happy, may I follow your blog? I love what u do in here..

  2. cute alice and little it^^

  3. super cute~~:D love them so much ...

  4. i love everything!!!so pandailah you ni.....


Thank you very much for your words :)