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Friday, December 25, 2009

Some new updates on recent works

. Necklaces .

. Brooches .

. Hair accessories .

. Dolls .

some are available in my etsy shop:)
Click on each pictures to see more


  1. love your luggage/suitcase necklace very much as myself brought one before:)
    maybe someday make it really can store tiny stuff
    keep going n merry x mas

  2. ļ¼©love the yellow crown... kekeke

  3. Soo cute! I'd love to purchase from you when I have the money.

    Are the suitcase handles actually nailed onto the suitcase or just glued? I mean, how are they attatched?

  4. Thanks ec and achin, Merry Christmas to you too:)

    hi dumpling, thank you too , the handles are nailed + glue on it:)

  5. oh,really your first handmade bag?? That's fantastic!!!

  6. hello there,

    i'm interested in purchasing ribbon hair tie but it's not listed in your etsy. may i know how much is it? it's so cute!

  7. Hihi^^

    Thanks for coming, ya the ribbon hair tie is available, I'm not able to list up yet, but will list up by today or tomorrow:)

  8. hi really loved ur handmade stuff,
    if possible may i know what kind of fabric that u used for ur doll making n where can i get those?

    Please do email me at or
    sms me at 012-5735173


  9. Hi too.sweet.litle.things:)

    most of the time i use linen, cotton and felt.
    I usually buy linen at kamdar johor bahru, and some of my fabrics are purchase from Singapore and also online shop like etsy. for shops in Singapore you may refer to those articles labeled with the " tools and materials" which you can find and the side bar label section. most of the posts will include the purchase spot and web links

  10. i like ur hair accessories stuff.
    it's cute and adorable.
    hope to see u in KL, soon:D
    and bring those cute stuff back home!

    have a nice day!


  11. i love your luggage necklace...can buy from where? online? how much per necklace?


Thank you very much for your words :)