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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Judy is going for a short trip to Paris! She is taking her favorite vintage suitcase with her, she loves the suitcase so much because it is from her grandma who always tell Judy about her travel stories. She is going to catch the train so au revoir and bon voyage!

She is a little chubby:)


  1. aiyoyo....this consider is 10 star rate,so nice, u getting better & better ^^

  2. nice le...chubby like me..wakaka
    meiwei, y our 1st expression is same?? "aiyoyo"

  3. hai taco..can u do me a favor?i was looking for the nice fabric n yet cheap like urs....the 1 that u bought at kamdar...i was looking for it n not found 1 that i like...boleh tak klu u tlg belikan klu u pegi kamdar ke mana ke..i'll pay the shipping budget like under rm10...tq

  4. I think Judy will love Paris, it's so romantic!
    She's really pretty :)

  5. thanks all! ^^

    Melor, jentayu,

    Hi:) the fabrics you looking for are at the printed fabric area, you can ask the assistant there and they will lead you:) I just went kamdar Angsana JB here not long ago, So I'm afraid I won't be going in such short time:)

  6. Your crafts are absolutely STUNNING! I love the cat! Wow! You are incredibly talented!:)

  7. Omg, I am in love with your dolls! I do hope you will be listing more soon...

  8. your dolls are absolutely gorgeous! xx


Thank you very much for your words :)