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Sunday, January 3, 2010

My new tool

Bought a new sewing machine the other day, I have an antique Janome sewing machine, but it make a lot of sounds while sewing, so my dad suggested to buy a not so loud one so I can do sewing at the middle of the night. (thought the sound must be annoyed him quite some time XD) this one still sounds a little but not as violently as my good old Janome.

Bought at RM799 at a wholesale sewing machine store, they sell variety of brands and types.
They were introducing me a computerized sewing and embroidery machine which are totally no sound and you can set and leave the machine do all the job while you can go away and do something else, and that one is RM3000+. Then finally I decided to go for this one and when I'm about to make the payment my dad took out his credit card and said:"I buy for you" and he insisted :O
luckily I didn't pick the expensive one or else I spend a lot from my dad.

the machine are bought from here in case you like to know:

They wholesale all kinds and brands, they do repair too.
and most importantly, friendly staffs:)


  1. You are such a considerate daughter. ^ ^

  2. so good!! got ppl buy for u!! :p

  3. Wah, congratulations! :D I love new sewing machines. So generous of your father too. :)

  4. finally got new machine....^.^

  5. Your new Brother will do a good job for you !

  6. thanks all! ^___^

    Agnes, you can ask ur hippo buy for you lar, i got daddy you got husband mah! XD

  7. tako.... i think hippo will ask agnes don't buy.... ahaha

  8. Joan..你真的是太了解hippo了。wakakaaaaaaaa
    he will said, u got a mini one liao ar...hahaaaa
    summore u are not expert in no need to buy so advanced one. wakakaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. wow... tako, ur new sewing machine so cool... i wish i have 1... and ur dad really sayang u... haha

  10. lucky for also wish i have a new 1....:)hope can see lots of kreatif and cute stuff from you all you things......

  11. I am sure lots of beautiful creations are going to come to the world with this machine.

  12. wow rm3000 one must be damn good, more expensive than certain computer

  13. lucky for you
    I've sew machine but seldom to used it T^T
    I think I should learn from the basic again >_<


Thank you very much for your words :)