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Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Spot the Item" game result ^O^

XD I guess many of you are been waiting for the result, so first of all , let's see the correct answer

*you may click on the picture to enlarge.

There are total of 53 people participated in this game, Thank you very much for taking part, Thank you for your time and efforts , Thanks for everything:)

I found many of you are very creative, I received some smiley faces, heart shape circle, use black and white background to highlight the found objects and so on, I have a great time reading your emails and answers^^

Many of you couldn't find the scissors(which are located at the down left corner), which are kind of surprising to me because I though the Mechanical pencil will be the toughest one.

But many of you also circle out "something" I didn't see before the game XD

So, how many have got the right answer?


There's only two correct answers >__<
( I guess my table are really messy:( )
不知道应该高兴好还是伤心好T_T, 只有两个人答对。。

So the two confirmed winners are:

1. Fallon ( m0riissey.myway) from
2. Ahyng(yng yng m) from 阿盈角落

Congratulations to the both of you !
you will get my notification soon^___^

as I said earlier there will be 3 winners, so the last winner I will pick from the rest of the participants, and the winner are

Participant No. 9 (LovelyCindyLovelyCindy)
Congratulation to you too^___^

(numbers are assigned according to the first come first serve basis)

2. Celine Hong
3. Aneesah
5.See Huay Xin
6.Lee Xuan
7. girl girl (家有二犬)
8. Shu Juan Chan
9. LovelyCindyLovelyCindy
10. Crystal Yeoh
11. Soo Mui Jong
12. Achin
13. Minifanfan
14. dear_bear3
15. Jocelyn Teo
16. Gabrielle Lee
17. Melor Jentayu
18. Artchala (Blue Sand)
20. 圆momo
21. Yin (
22. Li Theng Lee
23. Ling ^^(
24. Soo Peng
25. ally law ( Sok Chin)
26. Samewish sandwich
27.Phoenie Tam
28. Yin Sze
29. Angeline Wong
30. 淡淡(yunjie)
31. Jena nemo
32. wching seet
33. Lim Beng Xiang
34. ec micky
35. Alysha WeiWei
36. fliwz chong
37. Chow Sheryll
38. Yap Jessica
39. MeSha Lim
41. Pat (
42.wen shu khor
43. Oh Lawee
44. Lay Hoon (
46. Doris Tan
47. Away Tew
48. Ah Sam (
49. D black
50. Kimberlly
51. Liew Li Jia

And this is the scissors you all couldn't find

And, this is the mystery gift for the winners:)

Yes! each winner will get a little Audrey ~
I hope you'll like your gift:)

Thank you all once again for the time, I had fun, hope you do too^__^


  1. Even though I didn't send in my answer, I did play the game and yes, I could find all except the mechanical pencil. I did spot the scissors!Now when I look at the photo where the mechanical pencil is I still can't make it out ;) It was a fun game to play Evangelione (I may even make a similar game myself when I have a give away one day!) and congratulations to the winners!

  2. Thanks Josje^^

    I will keep my eye on your blog then XD

  3. AGh!!!! Are you serious!!! I'm so excited!! I have never won anything and have been eyeing your creations waiting for you to post dolls in your shop. Thank YOU so much you have no idea how big I'm grinning!

  4. OMG~!!!! I SAW MY NAME THERE!!!

    THANKS~!!! OH! I'm so HAPPY ^^

    Thanks a lot...though I didn't answer it correctly, LOLs...

    Thanks again, and I replied your email...thanks ^^

  5. arHhh...i am one of them who cant find the scissors...hehe...anyway....i like this game alot...

  6. hi tako, it's a lovely game. pls hold more 'games' in your site...., as i'd love to win your lit'l audrey dolls for free next time..gigle! keep up a good work!

  7. 很难啦~只有两个人答对XD 你的题目太难了啦!哈哈~

  8. Woohoo! Thank you Tako for this fun game! <3
    Have always love your crafts and dolls~ And those very very nice vintage miniatures~ :D

  9. it's alright, the table gets messy cause you were crafting hard. it was a fun experience, i think this is very creative of you ;) and so it's time for spring cleaning~

  10. 偶真是捶心,偶好喜欢那个奖品小奥德丽~虽然没参加,但是看见阿盈得奖我也替她高兴,阿盈你眼睛很利嘛!那么小奥德丽要飘洋过海去美国喽~

  11. Congratulation !!!
    I really wish to get the price too. Hopefully there will be another round next time :)


Thank you very much for your words :)