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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Malaysia first ever Dollhouse competition, read the details here:

We are giving prizes to the winners and hope to encourage our friends to participate no matter where you are from , good or bad at crafts(not to worry about it! give it a try!). The theme is " your working desk/crafting table" place you make crafts and so on. Don't you always have a dream workplace? now you can make it happen, show us your dream workplace, racks and racks of craft books, tons and tons of beautiful breathtaking fabrics, tools, anything!

And , our dollhouse group will be taking part in the "Art for grab"this 6 &7 March at Annexe gallery central market KL, we will exhibit our works there, more on that coming soon.

Me will have my own booth with my works there too:)


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    Tako 下次在新加坡有的话记得通知我哦



Thank you very much for your words :)