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Friday, April 9, 2010

The clown girl

* Circus *

I will be presenting the "circus" in the Pipit's wonderful market, all the clowns, animals, dancers and so on will be there with me too, do visit us!


  1. nice le. 像我一眼nice...wakakakaaa

  2. tako, I love the right green clown girl, but I am not going to attend the PIPIT wonderful market, can I reserve it? do let me know, thanks a lot! - Giselle

  3. i like the green colour wan ~~~~
    i wan ...
    i wan.....

  4. wow i wish i could go to see your circus...

    what a pity :(

    Tako well done !!

  5. Oh!! I like the polka dots one!! But I can't make it to the pipit show.. Any alternative way to get it? >.<

  6. 会不会...第2个的发线有点太高了?

  7. They're great!!!

  8. Hello there,
    to make this lovely dolls, I'm going to need some stuffings. I'd like to ask you where can I get stuffings in Malaysia, preferrably around KL.
    If you dont know any specific shop, just tell me what kind of shop I'm likely to find the stuffings.


Thank you very much for your words :)