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Thursday, April 15, 2010

森ガール/mori girl/forest girl

I first saw this new trend phrase from the News few months ago. It wasn't attracted me at once because I thought this is another trick to boost the fashion buying atmosphere.

but then I saw a few magazines about this trend and I must say I love the immortal, sweet but calm atmosphere from each of the Mori girls photo. So, 'I must make some Mori girls too' I say to myself.

Mori girls is a lifestyle, fashion, attitude and so on.

A new Japanese Subculture.

A group of girls in Japan first found this community in year 2006, back then it wasn't so popular like nowadays,  (mostly I believe it is bring up by the the Japanese drama and a actress name: 蒼井優.) they even have a guide book to teach you how to become a Mori girl.

Search image result from Google.

A forest girl is not so addicted to the branded trendy stuffs, they more to like lohas lifestyle, make a little handmade,take a little photos while having a walk, more into the natural stuffs, free and do what they love to do, appreciate every little things in life.

Read more about Mori girls here

And here's my Mori girls

This looks a bit like my hairstyle now.

And this looks like my hair before the one above

And this for my future hairstyle?
Hmm.... I don't think so :P


Thank you very much for your words :)