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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pipit 5th anniversary + wonderful market


I'm so happy that pipit's anniversary and wonderful market is coming back! I know it is still too early to announce it (November!) but I just couldn't wait to break the good news :)

I will start to prepare from now on, I really want to make it a wonderful one this time, and cukup cukup stocks XD
Also I am planning to join the dollhouse exhibition again this December too , because I am so miss the group exhibitions and dollhouse making. So these are my plans left for this year, two more events , and focus on my online shop, that's all, not too much, so that I can spend more time and focus on each projects, and make them a wonderful one :)

Looks like the 2010 it's going to end very soon to me XD  , so how 'bout you? what are your plans?

The weather is getting cold this few days, rainy days, but I like it! ^^


  1. 真高兴又有市集可以逛了,虽然是11月,但一眨眼就到了呀!


  2. too bad i'm not around at nov.....but i'll make my things available there....

  3. havent seen ur miniatures and dollhouses for so long.... i miss them....

  4. Hey, you have many lovely plans! I´m sure you will make everything brilliant!
    I´m planing making many new dolls too in the following months, let´s see what happnens!


Thank you very much for your words :)