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Monday, August 2, 2010

Gimme a big smile! ^___^

Yup, hold it right there...


This is Ally, she loves taking photo, she got this camera from her dad, and it got her name on it.

" I want to be a photographer "

" one last shot "


  1. Love her! So wanted to have her but i can't afford, sigh! keep on your amazing works! You're such a talented crafter!

  2. Seriously you are one of my favourite artists! Ally is so beautiful!!!
    I´m sure she will find a home very very soon. I don´t want to be too greedy, I will wait and if I see that she doesn´t get a home (it will be really weird!) I will happily adopt her.

  3. wow! very impressive!!!! NICE NICE!!!

  4. 好像我耶!因為我也喜歡拍照。kekekeee

  5. Don't know how to comment on your creation.. this was so sooooooo imposibble!
    So tiny and so pretty!! wow! :-)

  6. Heyhey!! will you coming to Singapore??

  7. Hi Hi... do you sell this doll? can i buy it? if can how much the price ha.... Thanks ya


Thank you very much for your words :)