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Friday, August 13, 2010

Two things that made my day

I got two parcels from Mr.postman today, one from local and one from US

These are the prints I ordered from Bearlim Design

I'm so happy to touch and see the real prints :)

Bearlim is a talent local designer who are so wonderful to work with.

Prints will be available soon :)

These are tiny miniature glass ware I bought from here

It's for my next dollhouse project :)


  1. Those prints are printed on photo paper? I went to her blog but I didn't found that she's providing printing service. Is that need to personally request? How much is your purchase?, asked lots of questions. Just want to know more from you before contact her. Hear from you soon...

    p/s: please reply to


  2. Hi :)

    you may contact her via email, her mail address can be found from the blog :) it is printed on Ivory paper :) you may ask more details from Bear :)

  3. Agnes,

    haha, which one? let me know lar XD

  4. I love the prints! I´m very glad you decided to make them, I´m sure they will be a huge success in your shop.

  5. lovely, will you order more? so that i can buy from you?

    i love your dolls, i love postcards...!!

  6. I want kakak~~~~ Can you send me a postcard? I want to decorate on my wall!

  7. Everything is just marvellous!!! Bravo!


Thank you very much for your words :)