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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pipit International Creative Issue #4

Finally I got it from Ivery, the Pipit International Creative Issue #4, I am very excited about this issue because I am one of the feature aritist :)

Gorgeous metallic cover and eco paper bag packaging

I love how the photo printed on the quality paper, love the outcome very much,

Also there's one of my favorite local artist : Minifanfan

And the mini cards!

They ship world wide, for more information please visit here: Pipit

Thanks Pipit! ^__^


  1. It really looks very cool! Congrats for being featured. I love the desing of the issue.

  2. 這真的是很漂亮的作品集啊。羡慕羡慕~ 恭喜恭喜哦。

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  4. You also my favorite la kakak~congrats! >_<


Thank you very much for your words :)