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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pipit 4th Anniversary + Wonderful Market 5 // Designer Day

My display

crowded as always : )

Thankfully I got the window space!

Thanks my friends who helped me in every way,
Thanks Mike And Ivery from Pipit for the great event,
Thanks all of you who drop by and say hi, thank you all very very much! >__<
I had a great great time there and I can't wait for the next wonderful market! >__<


and, here's what I got from the event

Christmas gift exchange from Ginger handmade

Stickers, postcard, brooch and minizine from my favorite local artist minifanfan !

Five stones from lazybonehandmade

A gift from LOZL
Thank you! ^O^

Doll from Zuat's Handmade
he got his own IC, how creative and fun!

Sheep from my dear friend Celine , Chiwawa Family

This brooch are from another doll artist in Malaysia,(bought online) Big bone's Handmade
Love her funny crocheted dollies


  1. 其实我想换名字的,可是不能换>,<
    Bigbone's Handmade 有点可笑……

  2. i thought if i could make it i want to buy the mini luggage but quite sad that i can't make to the exhibition,is there will be another event?
    i hope so^^

  3. I´m very glad that you enjoyed so much the event. You display is wonderful!

  4. wonderful

    i wish i went there... :(

    you are great, bravo!

  5. Amazing

  6. beautiful displays and wonderful goodies for you! lucky and lucky.

  7. This is all soooo darn cute!!! Off to twitter your lovely corner in the world.
    Have a happy day. xx


Thank you very much for your words :)