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Monday, December 27, 2010

Pipit Zakka Store and Poco homemade

Merry Christmas to all of you ! ^__^

I went to Kuala Lumpur last weekend to spend my Christmas with my craft friends, and we went to the new Poco Homemade and Pipit Zakka Store, many thanks to my friends, I had a great time! ^O^

Carry lots of local designers and crafters handmade item/ mag/ T-shirts and so on (including mine too! ), a small place for you to soak in the handmade atmosphere. 

Wishes from many of us

the cashier

there! my mushroom girls

spotted handmade shoe from Hoyoyi's Handmade 

we left a little note there ^__^

Gianni the master of stamp carving demonstrate how to do a simple one


At the front door, my lovely friends Celine, Joan and Gianni 

And we have fun leaving comments and stampings on the guest book, Poco has prepare some stampings for their guest,

But we have our very own! thanks to Gianni ^^

 Celine is very good at it!

looking forward to meet them again ^__^


  1. Hi, I am now a fan of handmade ... I have visited Pipit handmade.
    may i know where is Poco handmade ??

  2. hi:)

    click on the pocohomade link and will lead you to their blog, and you may find the map and everything there :)

  3. Merry Christmas and happy new year!
    I loved to see the photos, I´m very happy you had a wonderful time. :)

  4. Oh my I would love to go there! It looks like such a lovely place. The stamps are amazing, the little details are really great =)

  5. wow..nice series of photos :p I like it! ;-) 沒想到,我沒來,你們還會想念我!kekeke...(流了一滴淚):p

  6. may i know where is pipit handmade??

  7. Hey evan, is it possible for me to purchase the stamps online? Are one of our friends selling them?


  8. Hi Gracie,

    you may have a look at her blog and contact her:

    she sells them online ^__^


    at ss2, you can find the address and so on from the link given:)

  9. 有機會一定會去那裡看看玩玩~

  10. 好棒的介绍啊,好写意的聚会,好棒的留言。

  11. oh gosh!哪里可以买到这些可爱的饰品? :)


Thank you very much for your words :)