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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I love collecting dolls, and I just added another one to my collections, it is the Blythe doll.

And here she is, Chocolate

I have change two set of eye chips, and had have her head open on the very first day, because I have to, one of the eye chip dropped inside her head =.=

Coincidently, we got the same hairstyle, and the same color too!

I bought the hair wig before the doll, coz I was thinking to use the hair wig on my handmade doll, but never got the time to try out yet.

And here's another doll I bought from Big bone handmade :

It's like back in the old days with my barbies


  1. I love dolls too, I have 2 blythes but I wish I had one with the same hair as me!! I'd love to have one of yours one day :)

  2. 好期待你做衣服给她穿,一定会更漂亮^^

  3. wow, it's really cute tt ur doll have almost similar hair as you :P

  4. do u organize any handmade class ?
    i love handmade,but i dint get the way to learn about it...

  5. I LOVE Blythe. I discovered her several years ago but she had already grown popular again and the prices were outrageous. Perhaps someday I will have my own Blythe doll!


Thank you very much for your words :)