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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pipit Wonderful Market 6 ^o^

 First of all, thank you all very very much for coming,
second of all, I am very very happy and grateful for everything, 
I don't know how to describe it, I think I am lucky and love, Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!

As usual, I have had a wonderful time!

Here's some of the photos of the event ;)

I didn't get to take much photo of my booth, photos above are taken by Agnes, thanks to her! ^^

the lights are not ready yet when I was taking this photo >_<

Everyone is getting ready for the show

Celine from Chiwawa family

Niji * Hanko (former known as gigi planet (Gianni) well I hope this is your last decision Gianni!)

Handmade indoor shoes by Hoyoyi

 Hand craved stamps from Niji * Hanko

Handmade soap by Lulla Belle

Art work by minifanfan

Love her stuffs

Dakota: " I want to help!"

My dear Meiling with my dear little Anne ^O^

Love everyone ^__^


  1. Your dolls are AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!
    I wanna buy one :D

  2. I´m very glad that everything was wonderful. I would love I could be there too. The photos are really great. Your dolls... the best thing!

  3. ooooh, your dolls!!
    they are fantastic!

    great great great


  4. I WANT TO GO!! is this a yearly affair? :)

  5. I think I could have spent a fortune there!!!


Thank you very much for your words :)