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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This is my little Colline,

She is a Dal Colline, 

she used to look like this:

Her hair are the main reason I bought her, I see a Marilyn Monroe in her.
I didn't like the eye at all, so I change the eye chips and trim her hair a little.

This is the method I learn from youtube, I saw people changing Blythe's eye chip by using the hot glue stick, I think it could apply on Dal dolls too, just you need to adjust their eye in the right place.

heat the glue gun and melt the peak of the glue stick, push it to the center of the eye chip, hold it for a little while and wait for the glue stick to affixed on the chip. 

do the same for both eyes, wait a little while longer, let the stick to cool down so it is affixed firmly to the eye chips.

Then just pull it out, and now you can insert a new pair of eye chips ^^

I picked a pair very dark blue eye chips on her, just like Marilyn's

So cute! >O<


  1. The last picture is just marvelous ! And it's so nice to see how you work on them and how you make those little dolls cuter and cuter !! <3

  2. she's beautiful! and i'm loving the dress!

  3. I love the new eyes! They suit her perfectly! ~Val

  4. Dearest sweet MeiYing, i adore the makeover altho i was a little...just a little freak out at the part with the eye demonstration! I actually reeally adore her eye chips and goregous new hair cut! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  5. 有没有想过要把娃娃的衣服做成真人大小?那~一定很精彩。。。穿着和娃娃一样的衣服,手上也拿着娃娃~想到就很兴奋。。。哈哈


Thank you very much for your words :)