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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY display shelf

This is after

This is before.

1. Clear and remove the metal rack with the blind
2. lay the closet down as the arrow shows.

 Bought these color box at Jusco, RM19.90 & RM17.90 each.

Custom made photo frame, come with the glasses. RM25 each.  Was not much choice at the frame workshop, so I spray paint them.

Screw, almost done. 

Magnet glue on the shelf and the frame. I use hot glue. 

Easy. and low cost. Everyone can do!

I am thinking to topping up few more at the top.....


  1. Very, very nice! Brilliant DIY project. ^_^ Maybe can paint the horizontal bits of the white shelf inside too. :D

  2. Really awesome idea! Im always looking for lovely affordable storage space for my little studio. Thanks so much for sharing this display shelf project with us! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!


  3. woooow cool job!!! it looks amazing and you can keep your dolls organized! :D (nothing like having your work space the way you want it!) :D

  4. Loved you work. Amazing how beautiful your dolls are.

  5. Oh you are not only good at making dolls. but a brilliant handy girl :)

  6. I'm really impressed by your unique and cute design, oh ya!i send the order to ur email...waiting for ur reply:)

  7. Hi...

    Im so impress with the DIY display...really cool. I love it...

    Thank you for sharing in this great post...

  8. Awesome workplace... love the color selection.


Thank you very much for your words :)