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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Little Voice "新山,我們也要很好“

我把一些在新山默默做著自己喜歡的事, 努力經營著自己夢想的新山人, 都做成了娃娃,放進相框,辦個小展覽。 這個展覽的目的是想要傳達給新山人知道, 被評為文化沙漠的新山, 其實還是有一些人, 在默默的做著一些事, 也希望可以借此喚醒一些有抱負有理想的新山人, 不要放棄自己的理想, 也不要放棄新山,讓新山可以因為這些人而變得更好, 想要告訴大家, 新山,我們也要很好這樣的訊息。

These dolls are the people who still live and love their hometown – Johor Bahru, a place where I belong.  Many have said this place isn’t good enough for anything, we are lack of everything and people named her the “desert of culture”. From this project, I hope to bring out the message to the young generations, the people here, that there are still a bunch of people didn’t give up on JB. They still working on their dream here, continue to love JB more, and together, we can make this place a better place, and so to encourage the people to live their dream here in JB. We are not the “desert of culture”. 


For Individual doll portraits :

Thank you everyone

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