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Sunday, May 1, 2016


  1. Greetings, we are Lorena Guzman and Gabriel Grun, we own a newly opened toy store named 'Pangea Firenze', located in the heart of Florence, Italy. We pride ourselves in our criteria for choosing only creative, exciting toys for our shop, favoring the artisan, the sophisticated and innovative. In this guise we found your line of mexican dolls appropriate and interesting and would like to know the conditions under which we could offer your products in Pangea Firenze, as we deal with a varied group of providers, from single craftsmen to big stablished brands, each selling under different conditions. We should be able to offer your products also online in our website, for example, and other such issues. We hope to soon be working together, with appreciation,

    Pangea Firenze

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Thank you very much for your words :)