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The Dollmaker

I never though I would be a dollmaker.

I love all sorts of crafts, love exploring the possibility of materials and techniques.

Doll speaks the most to me, they inspires me.


I learn that I can use doll as a medium to express, to tell story, to create arts and installations. The possibilities of dolls are unlimited.

To me, this is the one thing that I can make it right and make it beautiful, out of all the chaos in the world.

My name is Yeo Mei Ying and I was born in 1981, Malaysia.

The Brand


Evangelione was founded in year 2006.


It was just a blog about all the crafts experiments that I do. Soon people are interested and requests starts coming in, not for long, I found myself starting up an online shop for the overwhelmed requests.

In Year 2015 May, I opened my physical shop/studio in 22, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru Malaysia.

I am proud of my doll. The first doll was inspired by Audrey Hepburn, because she is so perfect in my eyes. Hence my doll were once called the "Audrey doll" But now, I would prefer to call them "Evangelione dolls."

Then, they evolved, their eyes are inspired by my childhood favorite comic: Ranma ½.

And I am very much influenced by the mid century till Second world word time period's styles and stories. 

All these little pieces of my life gathered and transforms into a doll, this is how they were born and why they look the way they look. They are me :) 

​And this is why, 

Every doll has a little piece of my heart, so they all have a little little tiny heart, to love and to care.

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